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Lily's farm is full of crazy ANIMATED critters from chickens to cows to airplanes and pizza! Pick from 9 locations like the PIG PEN or FRESH VEGGIES garden and build any scene you can imagine with 100 funny, cuddly and wild stickers!

...and even more are on the way in future updates!

Each sticker has its own unique sound and animation. Just tap and release a sticker to see and hear its custom animation and sound effect!

We've tweaked and tweaked (and will continue to tweak!) to give you creative control! Here's what you can do with your stickers...

Make Them Bigger, Make Them Smaller

  • Use traditional pinch and zoom gestures to scale stickers to the size you want
  • How we made it better: Only one finger has to touch the sticker when pinching and zooming so it's easy to do no matter how small it is!

Rotate Them Any Which Way

  • Make a traditional rotation gesture to rotate
  • How we made it better: Only one finger has to touch the sticker when rotating. Same deal, it's easier to grab even if it's tiny.
  • Note: This option is turned off by default. You can toggle it on and off at any time while you're building your scene.

Flip Them

  • Simply drag your sticker and it will face the direction you are moving. This is great for puppeteering play!

Lock Them Down

  • Sometimes you just want a sticker to stay put so you can build on top of it! No problem! Just press the lock icon to lock the last sticker you touched. Press the icon again to unlock it.
  • Pro tip: Alternately, you can hold your finger on a sticker for a few second to lock it in place or unlock it.

Sorted by Animals, People, Things and Favorites

  • Use the handy tabs to go to different categories.
  • The stickers you use most will be stored up front in the FAVORITES tab!