Whose Toes Are Those?

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Welcome to Whose Toes Are Those, the game show where players identify funny characters by their toes!

Created by teachers and parents, our app teaches animal and people identification while rewarding your little one with animated elephants, penguins, cowboys and more!

More characters coming soon!


  • Game show host, music and audience feels real!
  • Cowboy, Tiger, Penguin and many more!
  • Lots of silly dances on stage!
  • No ads! No menus! Designed for kids of all ages!
  • Once the app starts it never ends!
  • Keeps ’em occupied in the grocery store!
  • Teaches animal and people identification!

What they’re saying about Whose Toes Are Those?

★Featured on Today in iOS Podcast!★

★Famigo Top App of the Week!★

★Famigo APProved App Badge recipient!★

★Selected for KinderTown Badge recipient!★

“Thanks to Eggroll Games for giving us Whose Toes are Those!
It’s just too cute.”
– Famigo

“This game is just an ego booster for parents…LOL! every time my daughter chooses correctly, my wife & I go crazy! WE LUV IT!” – AppsByQ

“We absolutely love Whose Toes Are Those! ★★★★” – Famigo

“Keeps children laughing while learning to match toes to the correct animal…
‘game-show’ style play filled with music, dancing and overall silliness.”
– KinderTown

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