Encouraging kids to learn about tech

Regardless of where you stand when it comes to screen time allowances for your kids, it’s a universal understanding that we need to encourage children how to be tech-savvy for a competitive edge they’ll leverage when they enter the workforce. Beyond teaching them how to use computers and mobile devices, we have some tips that will help them get comfortable with technology at an early age.


Toddlers & preschoolers: Don’t overcomplicate things. Start by teaching them how to plug in and charge devices, and the difference between the charging cords. Computer mouse skills can also be taught at this age, and there are several brands that are specially designed for younger users. Depending on your kiddo’s attention span (and your patience level), you could even try introducing them to educational websites like PBS Kids and ABC Mouse.

Elementary school: Tech learning gets a little more fun when it comes to teaching kids who can read. Find QR codes for kids to scan, teach them how to turn your digital music library into CDs, and show them how to reset your wireless internet router. This is also a great time to set them up on CODE.org and start a regular habit of practicing an hour of code a day.

Middle School & beyond: By this age, there are several different ways to help encourage tech skill learnings depending on your kiddo’s skill level and interests. Let them research internet rates for the best deal, teach them about system administration for your home computer, or even use them as an editor or content creator for your social media posts. Another idea: Let them start their own blog and incentivize regular postings and promotions on social media.