7 Awesome DIY Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day is May 8, which means you have plenty of time to whip up something handmade and special for the one-of-a-kind mom in your life. Here are 7 unique DIY crafts that would make perfect gift ideas for Mom!

1. Buy a bouquet of flowers, some decorative cupcake cups, and a few other supplies, and you have adorable mini arrangements that would be perfect as table settingsduring Mother’s Day brunch.

Isn't that just the cutest?

Isn’t that just the cutest?

2. Agamographs are a very cool 3D art form invented by an Israeli artist named Yaakov Agam, and making one as a Mother’s Day card would surely impress Mom! Here’s a great video explaining how you can make them at home.

Bonus: It's a STEM learning activity!

Bonus: It’s a STEM learning activity!

3. Put a spin on the classic painted flower pot gift idea with this video tutorial for clever and unique flower pot people! Have your kiddos make one for each member of your family for an awesome gift for Grandma.

Grandma's garden will be stylin'

Grandma’s garden will be stylin’

4. Use supplies found around the house to make this brightly colored bird feeder that’s sure to bring all the birds to the yard. (Personally we love any project that involves Duct Tape so this is one of our personal favorites!)

The birds will be flocking for sure!

The birds will be flocking for sure!

5. Have the kids explore outdoors to collect supplies for this lovely nature-themed mobile. Not only does it offer a fun earth science teaching moment, it also teaches children how to use their creativity – and it’s a safe activity for all ages (with supervision).

Bring the outside in!

Bring the outside in!

6. Is Mom always running out of magnets to hang the kids’ artwork on the fridge? Turn your favorite photos into magnets with this clever and easy DIY photo magnet idea. There are sharp tools involved, so this idea is best for older kids.

No excuse not to hang ALL the artwork now

No excuse not to hang ALL the artwork now

7. Kick it up in the kitchen with these simple yet striking hand-panted wooden utensils. Match them to the decor or just use Mom’s favorite color for an easy and practical gift.

This gift is sure to "stir" mom up!

This gift is sure to “stir” mom up!