Tips for Preventing Summer Brain Drain

A break from school doesn’t have to mean summer brain drain! Don’t let your school-aged kids regress or lose skills learned during the school year by keeping their minds active. Besides supplemental learning with educational learning apps, here are some great ideas to keep kids thinking, problem-solving, and using their knowledge in real time.

brain drain

Museums: Children’s museums (like this one in our hometown) often have a great selection of daytime activities for kids out of school, including day camps and educational programs. Use this site to help you find a museum near you.

Concerts: Our city blocks off streets in the downtown area to create a safe space for families to enjoy music of all types. Check out the schedule of activities in your area for similar events – music is a confidence booster & boosts brain power.

Parks and playgrounds: Just up the road from us is a wonderful park complex with areas for all age. Outdoor is a great way to boost physical activity, which has been proven to boost blood flow to the brain.

Libraries: This one’s a no-brainer. Not only do most libraries have story times for every age group, they have suggested reading lists, book clubs, and other ways to explore literature and keep kids’ brains stimulated. Here’s a local example of library offerings to get an idea of your options.