5 Fun Spring STEM Crafts for Kids

Guess what? Not all STEM learning has to involve computers or mobile devices or happen in the classroom! A great way to encourage kids to learn about STEM (while still having fun & staying engaged) is through hands-on activities that help kids learn creative thinking.

Here’s our roundup of great spring-themed STEM crafts you can do together with your kids:

1 Encourage your little weather watcher to learn about different types of clouds with these DIY toilet paper roll binoculars. Bonus: You probably have all of the supplies on hand!

1 As you’re making this paper plate garden craft with your kids, ask them questions about the science of growing, like: What do plants need in order to grow?

filter These coffee filter flowers are a great decoration, but they also help teach kids about color mixing and the science of matter (specifically how liquids “behave”).

bouncy Who doesn’t love a good bouncy ball?! This fun DIY project uses simple ingredients and cool science. You can also tie the craft into a physics lesson!

kaleid As you’re making this fun kaleidoscope project, talk to your kids about shapes, colors, repeating patterns, and movement. Ask them how they think the kaleidoscope works.

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